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"Church Survey UK / Ireland - an invaluable resource for congregations to implement "

Reaction to the report

Revd George Hargreaves, Leader of The Christian Party
"This report confirms my belief that Christians can no longer sit back. We must mix our prayers with clearly identifiable service in the political arena; being both salt and light.
It is for this purpose that the Christian Party exists."

The minister of Orange Street Congregational church London
"This study is the most important church report to have been published this century."

Financial sponsor
"This report is going to be of national significance for the church."

PCC Secretary
"I was encouraged to receive a copy of your report. Many "views from the pew" will be echoed in our congregation. The report will help us find ways forward and assist our spiritual growth."

Church worker
"What a great piece of work! I have passed it on to a number of local Churches & Ministers .It is really helping them in their ministry and sermons."

Retired Churchwarden
"It is so fascinating, timely and an honest appraisal of our position today".

Clergy wife
"I too am deeply concerned about the way the church is attempting to deal with some of its problems and the ideas expressed in the survey echoed many of my own feelings."

Church Leader
"Congratulations on making it so comparatively easy to digest. I've already taken one or two things on board.. and am now planning a teaching series on prophecy."

Church of England Bishop
"The survey is most interesting...and will be fed into the general thinking of the diocese on the future direction of the church."

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